Navigating Investors Directly to Your Doorstep

The world of investing has changed significantly over the last ten years. A large segment of US and Canadian investors are now using online trading platforms to invest rather than a financial advisor. Unfortunately, many rely on online forums, news networks and stock tips from friends as a means to craft their long and short term investment strategy. This leaves many amazing companies that aren’t in the Wall Street spotlight in the dark. This is where Insider Traffic can help. 

The ProblemWe Solve

Many companies have decided to go public without the help of large institutional investment banks, opting to avoid the absorbent cost and ownership decay that process entails. However, without the Wall Street machine behind them, many leadership teams find it hard to engage and educate would be investors about their public offering. 

How We Do It

On a positive note, many US and Canada are also migrating from  financials advisors to online banking platforms.

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